Just Desserts

Posted on August 18, 2016

3greateventsIn an effort to support Champions for a Safe Community Fund and in partnership with Minnetrista and the Boys & Girls Club of Muncie, we are introducing Just Desserts as our first annual fund-raising event. Just Desserts will be an evening to celebrate art, wine, women and dessert! Women artists and artisans from our local area will exhibit and demonstrate their work, curated by the Muncie Arts and Culture Council, in the Rose Garden. You can enjoy the exhibit while sipping wine and socializing with friends new and old.


Our featured speaker, Ann Johnson, will share her story to inspire others as we gather around the Catalyst for the program. Ann is an extremely accomplished artist, educator, and businesswoman. We know you will enjoy hearing her speak.

Finally, Just Desserts will showcase artists who create desserts! Bakeries and restaurants from our area will provide beautiful, tasty desserts that we will auction to raise money for Champions for a Safe Community. The desserts will be displayed in the Minnetrista vestibule. Each dessert serves 8 attendees (one table). Each table has an assigned champion who will gather the bids from others at the table and submit it to win first choice of dessert for the table. We’ll do two rounds of bidding. The table with the highest bid gets first choice of dessert, second highest gets second choice, and so on! As an added incentive to bid high, one dessert has a prize, and one dessert is obviously intended for the lowest bid! The competition will be fierce and the bidding will be high… that is our hope!

Table Champion Guide

Overview of Champions for a Safe Community Fund. The mission of Champions for a Safe Community Fund is to provide funding for programming, services, and activities that are intended to reduce violence as well as provide for the protection and care of victims of violence. Champions for a Safe Community Fund grants will provide resources to not-for-profits, civic, business, and government organizations to support the development and delivery of innovative solutions, otherwise unavailable in our community, designed to make our community a safer place to live, work, and play.

Table Champion Responsibilities

The table champion has several very important responsibilities as follows:

  • Bring 7 friends and yourself to fill a table of 8
  • Choose to sponsor the table for $200 for a table of 8. If you prefer, you may also collect $25 per person to cover the cost of the table. We have attached an invoice to complete and return.
  • Manage the bidding at your table
    • Circulate the bidding documents for your table only
    • Total and communicate the total to your table, try to raise the bids!
    • Submit your table bid
    • Round two – we’ll announce who has the highest bid and give everyone a chance to raise more
    • Select the dessert your table chooses (in order of your bid). The highest bidding table gets first choice, lowest bidding table gets last.
  • Collect the funds that your table raised (money, checks, or ensure that ‘text to give’ completed or card information collected) and submit at the end of the evening.
  • Provide the names and email addresses from the list of attendees at your table.


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