Jack Surface

Business Owner

Midas Auto Experts Muncie Indiana


(765) 288-8882

Six years as a Chef . Five years as a Hat Sponsor. Won best table decor 2013. Won Top Chef in 2014 Main Dish. Fighting to win top Chef 2015. Owner and Operator of your Muncie Midas Auto and Tire Center. I have been with Midas for over 37years, starting out as a technician and working my way to Vice President of Operations for 12 Midas Stores until July of 2011 when I purchased Muncie Midas! The community of Delaware County has been good to me over the years so when I purchased the Muncie Midas I was wanting to give back to the community! With the 100 Men Who Cook I have had great support from my customers and the community. I feel that my customers, my employee's, and myself know that if we all invested a few dollars together we can make a difference is someones life! Last year the 100 Men Who Cook raised over $100,000 and we where a part of that! So we made a difference in several lives and I want to thank everyone for helping. I also support several other charities in Delaware County but if it wasn't for my customer and my employee's I might not be able to help.

I want to say thank you to Old National Bank for putting this together! They have some great people who care; like Melinda Stanley and Angela Beck and and a whole lot more. Special thanks to Jeff Howe who is the leader of this great team! Thanks again to all of you! COME SUPPORT A GREAT ORGANIZATION! NEED TICKETS CALL ME AT 765-288-8882.