100 Men Who Cook, presented by Old National Bank, is one of Muncie and central Indiana’s premier fundraising events. In the past seven (7) years over $647,169 of net proceeds has been raised and donated to help the most vulnerable in our community. An event unlike any other you will find in the area, 100 Men Who Cook draws over 1,100 participants for an evening of great food, exciting activities, and heartwarming generosity. One hundred of the area’s most thoughtful leaders from every endeavor will come together to compete for the coveted title of “TOP CHEF”. The competition is fierce and goes well beyond the food, as they decorate their serving stations and don their favorite costumes to win favor (and tips) from the 1,000 current and soon to be friends in attendance.

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About Community Champions Fund

Is the accumulation of monies raised from our events. Through quarterly grants to not-for-profits, civic, business, and government organizations, Community Champions provides financial support to organizations in east central Indiana for programming, services, and activities that support the prevention of violence as well as the protection and care of victims of violence. It is through these efforts those in need benefit from innovative solutions, otherwise unavailable in our community, designed to make our community a safer place to live, work, and play.

Since our first event in 2010, over $647,169(net) has been raised through 100 Men Who Cook, 100 Men Who Golf, and Just Desserts! to provide funds to various organizations to address the needs of the most vulnerable in our community.

The Mission
The Community Champion’s mission is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable citizens of our community. In our core cause area of supporting the prevention of violence as well as the protection and care of victims of violence, we aim to accelerate progress, accountability, and discovery, while also reducing the social stigma that sometimes keeps these issues in the shadows. We will take a people-centric approach on all projects to break traditional barriers and build a better future for all high-risk people, because we know that the greater the support, the more empowered people feel to take control of their present and future. We will support those efforts that most contribute to the reduction of violence and all those circumstances that promote to it. We will use our best judgement in the support of programs and initiatives using four key strategies:

1) Funding the most promising work;

2) Convening grantees, partners and other thought leaders to collaborate and share best practices for improved outcomes;

3) Initiating new directions and innovative projects to accelerate progress

4) Educating the general public and key audiences to drive and change behavior to fulfill this vision.

Funding Priorities: Prevention of violence, Food insecurities, Education, Community Development.

Examples of Funding

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100 Men Who Cook is made possible by help from our Community Partner organizations: